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Star installation

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Maw Installation was an Imperial research center established by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin for the creation of superweapons.

It was built from asteroids in the midst of the Maw Clustera virtually unnavigable cluster of black holes. Several battles have taken place on the research base.

The Maw was originally created by Thuruht as a prison for the dark-side entity Abeloth. There were few safe routes into the Maw; some were known by Admiral Daala and her fleet, but Kyp Durron was able to use the Force to find a route in. One of these black holes swallowed the Sun Crusheras Durron piloted it into its gravity well, yet escaped himself.

Numerous experiments were done to produce revolutionary new sources of technology while under Imperial rule. Some members of the "think tank" were unaware of the military role of the projects; many believed that the developments would be used for strictly scientific purposes.

For example, the Ion Ring was developed as a terraforming tool, while the World Devastators were intended to mine asteroids; instead, these projects became some of the most destructive weapons known in the galaxy. Even some scientists working on the Death Star believed that the superlaser was designed to destroy dead or uninhabited worlds and harvest the minerals at the core of those planets.

He proved to be a powerful figure within Emperor Palpatine's court, which eventually led to him being promoted to the position of Grand Moff. This, combined with being placed in charge of the Death Star project, gave Tarkin enough power and authority to bring about the culmination of many of his goals.

By using the threat of force, he intended to keep the planetary systems in line using powerful superweapons to induce fear amongst the populace. Grand Moff Tarkin further explained that only a few such weapons and a rare demonstration were all that would be required in order to cow the people into obedience.Account Options Sign in.

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star installation

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star installation

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Alternatively, in the context of a more comprehensive transcriptome analysis pipeline leveraging STAR and the human genome from our CTAT genome lib, you may have a 'Chimeric.

Maw Installation

Note, unless you have relatively long single-end reads ex. This will in part generate a file called 'Chimeric. Note, if you use this -J Chimeric. The JunctionReads column indicates the number of RNA-Seq fragments containing a read that aligns as a split read at the site of the putative fusion junction. The SpanningFrags column indicates the number of RNA-Seq fragments that encompass the fusion junction such that one read of the pair aligns to a different gene than the other paired-end read of that fragment.

Note, depending on the site of the fusion breakpoint and length of the reads, it may not be possible to have SpanningFragments and all evidence may show up in the form of JunctionReads. The number of fusion-supporting reads depends on both the expression of the fusion transcript and the number of reads sequenced.

The deeper the sequenced data set, the greater the number of artifactual fusions that will appear with minimal supporting evidence, and so taking into account the sequencing depth is important to curtail overzealous prediction of fusion transcripts with ever-so-minimal supporting evidence. We provide normalized measures of the fusion-supporting rna-seq fragments as FFPM fusion fragments per million total reads measures. A filter of 0. The 'LargeAnchorSupport' column indicates whether there are split reads that provide 'long' set to length of 25 bases alignments on both sides of the putative breakpoint.

Those fusions supported only by split reads no spanning fragments and lack LargeAnchorSupport are often highly suspicious and tend to be false positives. The maximum entropy is 2, representing highest complexity. The lowest would be zero involving a 15 base mononucleotide run. Low entropy sites should generally be treated as less confident breakpoints. The abridged output file contents are shown above.

See the unabridged 'star-fusion. If there are alternatively spliced isoforms for fusion transcripts, the same fusion pair will be listed as multiple entries but with different breakpoints identified.Some cookies are essential to ensure our website works for you.

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star installation

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Cart 0 Login Quick Buy. Search term. Where To Buy ConXit. Your Cart: 0. You can also search for discontinued products. How to find the product ID? On the product itself, it can often be found on the bottom of the unit, near either "StarTech. If the product came in a box, this can often be found near the product photo after the word PART. It may also be located above the UPC code or on the front of the packaging.Next: 6.

Getting started. Some users who installed the hotfix have reported problems that were solved by upgrading to Service Pack 3, so we recommend Service Pack 3 over the hotfix. Before you connect your Pololu A-Star 32U4 or another of our 32U4 family of boards to a computer running Microsoft Windows, you should install its drivers:.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista users: After installing the drivers, your computer should automatically recognize the device when you connect it via USB. No further action from you is required. However, the first time you connect an A-Star device to your computer, Windows will take several seconds to recognize the device and configure itself properly.

The first time you program the device, Windows will again take several seconds to recognize the A-Star USB bootloader, and this could cause the programming operation to fail the first time. Also, Windows will need to re-recognize the device and the bootloader if you connect the board to another USB port that it has not been connected to before.

Windows XP users: After installing the drivers, you will need to follow steps 5—9 for each new A-Star device you connect to your computer. You will also need to follow these steps the first time you attempt to program the device in order to make Windows recognize the bootloader, and when you connect the device to a different USB port that it has not been connected to before.

This can happen if you are using Windows 10 or later and you plugged the A-Star into your computer before installing our drivers for it. In that case, Windows will set up your A-Star using the default Windows serial driver usbser.

The port will still be usable, but it will be hard to tell if it is the right one because of the generic name shown in the Device Manager. Windows should find the drivers you already installed, which contain the correct name for the port. If you are using Windows 10 or later and choose not to install the drivers, the A-Star will still be usable.

Print Email a friend Feeds. Physical operations are reduced to a skeleton crew, so for critical requirements, including fighting COVID, please contact us so we can identify priorities.

Click here for more info. Installing Windows drivers Next: 6. Windows will ask you whether you want to install the drivers. Windows will not tell you when the installation is complete, but it should be done after a few seconds. Windows XP will warn you again that the driver has not been tested by Microsoft and recommend that you stop the installation. Log In. Shop Blog Forum Support. Feedback Comments or questions? Products New Products Specials!GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Alex Dobin, dobin cshl. If employing STAR only on a single machine or a homogeneously setup cluster, you may aim at helping the compiler to optimize in way that is tailored to your platform. To install via the binary package, simply run:. This release was tested with the default parameters for human and mouse genomes.

Please contact the author for a list of recommended parameters for much larger or much smaller genomes. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. RNA-seq aligner. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 49dc Mar 13, STAR 2.

You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Jan 23, Fixed seg-faulting bugs with twoPass and BySJout. Oct 8, Minor corrections in parameters descriptions.