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Set iptv review

I paid for 3 month and the user and password dose not work and cant get anything from them they want me to keep trying they wont try them selves I told then the pass and user and still nothing after close to 2 weaks stay away from them.

I paid for this services for three months and I could only watch some channels for a couple of weeks. I have sent emails and they have never responded. This service is awful. My stb subscription purchase is for 13 months, my service was blocked after 6months, I didn't received any response even after sending so many emails. And fantastic replies when needed too! I managed to watch a whole prime time football match at the weekend without buffering once.

Set TV IPTV – Stream 500+ TV Channels at $20

I've had service for two months now with no interruptions, every now and then I will get a buffer or a lag but it's not enough to gripe about. I have recommended this service to a lot of my friends, thumbs up so far. Very fast to respond to all questions - Even at the weekend Thank you! Good customer services Fast response for all my tickets I have reseller account and everything working good. I had a one day trial. I had a lot of lags watching sports and movies in general. I contacted the customer service and told them about the lag and buffering.

I asked if the problems are related to the trial account or server. They kept asking me to run Speedtest, what channels were lagging, and I told them.

Set TV Review

Anyway, I asked if they can give me another day to try and they say no you have to purchase. They rather let a new client walk away then try to resolve the issue with me. These reviews disturb me. I just signed up and don't like hearing that you can't get immediate support. Most services I've used, use Telegram. Instant responses for problems. Don't know why they don't use it.

If I have to wait even an hour to get support, then I will only be around for a month. I Have been subscribed for one week now Like all IPTV services, it depends on what you want to watch and the channels availability as per my preference is good.

set iptv review

Bad service. Got free trial.Set TV has closed shop, please check out some of the other providers. Set TV keeps things really simple for their customers. One simple package with the whole service is all that is on offer. So, what do you get and how much does it cost. Set TV is neither the cheapest, nor does it have the biggest channel lineup.

Those channels are all English. There is something for everyone. Many kids channels such as ytv, family and ABC spark. Free PPV channels and even Adult channels that are password protected in case you have kids. Best of all, Set TV constantly adds new channels, so expect additional content in the future. Finally, another advantage of Set TV worth mentioning is the ability to stream from three different devices at the same time. This is usually a paid option at other providers.

At Set TV, this is included in the monthly subscription price. One point we need to highlight, though, is the mediocre customer service that Set TV offers. They are not very responsive and helpful. If they ran customer service like they run their streaming operations, they would be second to none. As it is currently, our recommendation is to go with a reseller that actually puts in the time to help their customers. To be very clear. Set TV is clearly geared towards customers looking for English content.

If that is what you are after, check out other providers. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a housewife or looking for content for your children, there are plenty of channels to keep you entertained. A highlight is their sports section. Also, keep in mind, that you can stream from three devices simultaneously. No arguing or fighting over who gets to watch their program.

Simply watch it all from virtually any device that can access the internet. Set TV has been around for quite some time now. It also means that they have been able to grow their on-demand content to a very impressive size. Strictly looking at streaming quality, there is nothing to complain about. Many TV channels are streamed in high definition with impressive bit rates and not overly compressed. The end result is a clear and smooth picture, in some cases accompanied by 5.

Their focus on a limited set of English-only channels clearly pays off when it comes to stream quality. The reliability of those streams in everyday use is equally impressive.Scammers and thieves. Stole my money with no service. Bullying with e-mails of willing to help with no success.

Smart IPTV 4K Review 7000+ Channels Worldwide Up To 4K, VOD Movies And TV Shows, Works On Any Device

Yes, the service will work for a month, they will answer all your questions, but do not expect your stuff back or any real info. First it was my internet providers fault then my fault that there shocking system doesn't work. Stay away at all costs!!! After numerous emails back and forth. This is what you can Expect. This is the standard reply word for word below Dear "x" We are sorry to learn of the difficulties that you are experiencing.

We recommend that we reduce the playlist because some devices have low memory that cannot handle big files like IPTV. Your patience on this matter is much appreciated. Blah blah blahThey simply can not respond to the question of how a free m3u list worked and yet theirs did not.

After each email back and forth they circle back to its your ISP, Your device, the firmware and best of all it works on their side but not yours.

SHOP Don't bother to ask for your money back because the response will be the same as the message from above. Rarely works. Wouldn't waste my money on it and will not renew. Stay away from this people,don't do the same mistake as I did!!! The investigation is still in progress and aims to identify further possible subjects involved. By purchasing subscriptions of this type, customers are liable for the crime of receiving stolen goods.

The copyright law foresees the confiscation of the equipment used; consequently, the customers will have their TV, computer and smartphone confiscated in case of conviction.

At the same time, users are also at risk of sharing personal and banking data with criminal organisations. Would give them zero if possible. Promising secured payment through third party Credit Card processing. Mine Visa card information where stolen and used for purchasing. Beware, I contacted iptvshop to inform them about problem, heard only excuses. I have 4 different subscriptions with iptv shop however they have run out and I have been trying to re subscribe for days but payment doesnt go through, you get a generic email saying you bank needs to authorise payment via 3D security, I have spoken with my bank who say no request for payment has been recieved, iptv shop keep.

Each time I email them I get the same generic email which is useless. Shocking stay away from this service worked great for 3 weeks then nothing sent them email and no reply SCAM. Quick enough to take my money.

Best IPTV Services 2020

Don't pay for this service Completely unrealiable service. Tech support are pleasant however pretty useless. They were able to temporarily fix my connection, only for it to fail on the next attempt to connect.

I advise trying any other IP service rather than paying for this one. This was one of them I initially subscribed to receive the services via my LG Smart TV - setting it up was easy but to say it was not reliable was an understatement. Blamed my internet, lack of VPN, programme list too big, everything!This is an opposed to conveyance through customary earthbound, satelitie, and digital TV designs. Not at all like downloaded media, IPTV offers the capacity to stream the source media constantly.

Thus, a customer media player can start playing the substance, for example, a TV channel very quickly. This is known as gushing media. IPTV is broadly conveyed in endorser based media communications systems with fast access channels into end-client premises by means of set-top boxes or other client premises gear.

IPTV is additionally utilized for media conveyance around corporate and private systems. IPTV in the media communications field is remarkable for its progressing institutionalizing process. IPTV Review are specialists at this whole realm. Is it accurate to say that you are sick of paying over the top link membership charges?

On the off chance that yes, at that point you are on the correct site. We have an energy for revies which is the absolute most critical venture you can ever make in the time of broadband web.

Just on the off chance that you pick the best gadgets and administrations that are ideal for you, you can get the amusement encounter you are searching for. On IPTV Review we have the best advisers for kick you off and gushing substance at the earliest opportunity.

IPTV Reviews.

set iptv review

What is IPTV? Who We Are? IPTV review. We are devoted to presenting to you the best item surveys and manages to enable you to get to the media content you need. Learn More. There are many different IPTV services out on the market today.

Some are more prevelant in different areas then others. IPTV Service. IPTV service. IPTV Service. Have Any Other Questions? Contact Us. Toggle Sliding Bar Area.It can allow your TV to achieve greater resolution with less distortion, and you can enjoy watching movies and TV from the Internet without interruptions.

It'll help you:. There are three types of IPTV:. Video On Demand: These are services that let you watch a particular program when you want, for a fee. With a service such as Netflix, you can watch an entire season of your favorite shows--one episode after the other.

This saves you the effort of recording events or shows that you would like to watch. The results are breathtaking!

set iptv review

Foreign language programs: For an IPTV subscription price, you can use your IPTV box for receiving television from your native country, in your mother tongue, no matter where you go. You can also converse over Skype, and have access to YouTube, Facebook, and perform searches over the Internet. The more RAM, the more the device can run at one time. This ensures that the TV box runs more quickly, and thus more smoothly.

This ensures greater stability and more powerful performance. SmallRT -- a contraction of "Small Rocket" is a manufacturer of set top boxes and other hardware that allows you to watch videos over the Internet and thus avoid the subscription fee that cable TV requires. They were founded inwith the vision of making a product that is affordable, that also will be sustainable and allow you access to streaming services.

GooBang Doo --is a maker of Home Theater Systems, including Android TV Boxes and video projectors, transmitters and transceivers, circuit boards, jump starters, and more. They later expanded to include video projectors, DVD players, and car accessories. They have several devices, with each being capable of working at a different speed Mbps, Mbps, or Mbpsand with or without WiFi antennas. Teamyo --is a maker of smart bands, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, and other gadgets.

They also make an Android TV Box which employs high-performance hardware, including a 4-Core processor, and allows you to see 3D movies and 4K resolution. Pendoo --is a manufacturer of TV set boxes, but they also make wireless gaming keyboards and game controllers, as well as remote controls for their TV set boxes.

They are a branch of Shenzhen Dragonworth Technology Co. Powered by. Trending Searches. By infomir. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating:.

Privacy Statement. View Product 9. View Product 8. View Product 7.The service is easily accessible on devices running on the Android operating system. Along with the monthly plan, there are three more subscription packages available in Set TV.

In this guide, we will show to stream this service on Firestick devices. Step 2 : After purchasing the subscription package, you will receive login details through the mail.

Step 3 : Now, launch your Firestick and enable Apps from Unknown Sources to download third-party apps. Step 9 : On the next screen, tap click here to download the Set TV apk. But, due to certain lawsuit problems, the developers have shut down the service.

Instead, users can access services like Eternal TV or Area Keep visiting us for more related articles. Disclosure : We refer product or service to our readers via an affiliate link, which means I may receive a referral commission from the sale if you buy the product that we recommended, read more about that in our affiliate disclosure. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Enter URL. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Apr 4, Apr 3, Mar 31, Mar 27, Latest Version Mar 25, Absolute garbage cost me a six month prepaid and a connecting unit piece of junk. Same complaint as everyone else.

Ordered and received my set top box, paid for a year in advance. Had service about 6 months, worked pretty well.

At that time customer service was available when called. Shut down in June, no warning. I DID get some of my money back from my Visa credit card, not a debit card. So if you paid with a credit card, call your card issuer and request a partial refund for the months of service that you did not get.

The service started great, however i do not know what have happend. I payed for 3 months. I tried to tell you all but you still didn't listen! Set TV was a scam a joke and they knew they were pirating content. I hope they rot in prison, get fined million's of dollars and know that you cannot do that to people. Screw Set TV and the horse these scammers rode in on!

The 2 time convicted felon Jason Labossierie will never learn will he? He has been sued by a very powerful bunch of companies and he has not one leg to stand on! I will be requesting a class action lawsuit as well. I will post the data where you that were conned may get your money back.

I have tried time and time again to alert you people that SET TV was a set-up company to stream pirated content. How many times do you have to see the "DishTV" prompts, the "DishNetwork" prompts popping up while you watched?

Come on! Wake up will you? Set TV will never. I repeat, never be back and do not believe the crap that the others post here. They shut this service down and I had prepaid a couple of months in advance. I have sent them emails requesting a refund and have gotten no response from them at all. I think that is very unprofessional to leave your customers in the dark about refunds. Shame on you. Asked for refund since service was shut off. Got no reply and no refund.

I know Setv is down, for whatever reason. I have been with them for ayear and a half now. Its still working.