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Jak 2 orb glitch ps4

This page lists the locations of all Precursor orbs in Jak II. Note that the listed mission is when you will be able to get the respective orb the easiest, instead of the earliest possible moment.

In some examples, you can grab any orbs during a mission, though in some cases, this means you can potentially fail the mission, while in others it just means ignoring it for a while.

In a couple cases you actually have to wait to collect the orbs and can only do so after a specific mission, though such cases will be listed. The orbs in the Haven sewers and Metal Head nest locations are permanently missable.

Collecting 25, and Precursor orbs unlocks a bronze, silver and gold trophy, respectively. If you miss any orbs and cannot find them, you can use the infinite orbs bug to make up for it note that this bug has been patched on the PlayStation 4 version.

Note: The orb has to be collected before the Escort men through sewers mission, if not, it will disappear. Note that there is one additional orb out of bounds, just before the suspended bridge in the Titan Suit segment. This is not counted towards the game's total orb count, though it is possible to collect.

Note: This location cannot be revisited, therefore all orbs can only be acquired during these two missions. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Jak II [PS4]: Infinite Orb Glitch *Easy*

Contents [ show ]. See also: Jak II side missions. See also: Gun course training. See also: JET-Board game. Categories :. Cancel Save. Collect 25 Precursor orbs.When you steal any car, drive on the ground. You will hit the bottom of the Hell Cat, but not get chased. Additionally, steal a hovercar and when you see a guard, change to low hover levels.

Go fast, and before you hit them, get off quickly. It will smack them without them knowing it was you. After you escort the three men down in the sewer, there will be a icon on your radar.

jak 2 orb glitch ps4

It will take you to the Gun course. There will be a light shining on a box. Open it to find a gun. You will see an intermission sequence featuring Jak putting the front of the Peace Maker on a gun.

Note: It only has ten shots. Also, when you have obtained the Peace Maker, you can charge it and the Krimson Guards will immediately start chasing you. If there are more than one Metal Heads or enemies, double jump and kick in the air. Then, shoot to send out a number of shots. Note: This only works with the gun with the laser pointer in front. When you turn into Dark Jak, you'll be able to spin around, and around, and around, then zap all your enemies to oblivion.

When you do this move all of time stands still except you while you kill everyone within 20 ft. While doing a rolling turbo long jump, right before you land, jump again to get a very high jump.

Jak 2 Debug Mode Explained For an Easy Platinum

First have 65 orbs to buy scene player act 1. In the middle of it take the disk out and put it back in. If you do this correctly you should be in Sandovervillage. Start you'll go up a ramp and make a left turn well you'll see a gap with the track on the other side if you have a speed boost hit the circle button and jump L1 right when you get to the edge I tried without and with the boost trust me it works I found it while playing. After going into heavenforest, use the teleporter.

After you get on top, keep on going forward a little and you will see a platform thing on your right. When you shoot it, it will turn upside down.

jak 2 orb glitch ps4

Now get on it and go forward. Now there should be an elevator thing that takes you down to the ground. Get on it and get down. Keep on going straight.Use the sections below or the video above to discover their locations.

All of these Orbs can be accessed from the earliest mission here, the "Find Pumping Station Valve" mission. However Orbs 6 and 7 are technically intended to be collected during the second mission, "Protect Sig at Pumping Station", so if you're having trouble getting them, wait until that Mission.

This map marks all of the Orbs in the Pumping Station level. The numbered dots correspond to the Orb numbers below. Orb 1 is found at the start of the level: from the entry point, follow the left-hand shoreline and you'll find this Orb in the waters at the end near the metal structure. Orb 2 is also at the start of the level.

Directly across from the entry point will be two platforms that rise up and down. To their left is a large open pipe with water trickling out of it; squeeze to the left of it to the large leafy bushes and then check left to find this Orb in the corner.

Continue along the main "valve" mission path by jumping up the rising platforms, defeating the green creatures at the top, then going right along the sandy ledge.

Jak II - Stadium Bug FAQ

At the end you can jump onto a long, square-shaped pipe. Instead of doing that however, jump inside this pipe and go to the end of it to find Orb 3. To get to this Orb, drop down below the pipe where Orb 3 was and follow the shoreline North, which will lead you around a rocky cliff.

Just past some leafy bushes will be Orb 4. Orb 5 is ocated directly East or Orb 4, on a small rocky island with a giant windmill on it.

Swim across to it and then jump around to the back of the island at the base of the windmill to find this Orb.

You'll have to be careful not to swim too far out of the path to the island, or else the water drone will appear and kill you! Orb 6 is the first that's technically inteded to be collected during the "Protect Sig at Pumping Station" mission, but you can get it in the first "Find Pumping Station Valve" mission. From Orb 4's location, follow the shoreline until you get to the open sandy section with some crates. Face West and walk all the way to the far cliff with the green creatures at the base.

From here, face left and swim into the water; make a left turn and you'll see this Orb floating above the water between a cliff and a metal structure.It is intended for personal use only. This document may not be reproduced, in part or whole, for commercial use or otherwise, without the express written consent of the author.

All other products, trademarks, etc. Not much to say except, watch out! The rest of this faq I've left essentially the same. I've edited their email slightly as it contains a very minor spoiler, that probably isn't worth hiding, but this is suppose to be spoiler free.

Unfortunately, there is one glitch that is particularly nasty. After completing this challenging task, you will be instructed to find the Mechanic at the Coliseum. Unfortunately, when you arrive at the Coliseum, the Mechanic is nowhere to be found, and you will be unable to progress beyond this point in the game's story.

I wrote this faq because I got screwed by the bug. Not wanting any aspect of the game to be spoiled by discussions on the web, I avoided discussion boards and such related to the game, and therefore missed warnings and gripes about this bug in time to avoid it. So, in an effort to keep others from sharing the same fate - but more realistically to tell gamers that can't find the Mechanic not to throw their PS2 out the window now, because who really looks at this stuff until after they get stuck?

jak 2 orb glitch ps4

Unfortunately, if you are playing the game and encounter this problem, it's too late. Quietly turn your PS2 off, lock yourself in your closet, and repeatedly bang your head against the wall. No amount of swearing will help, nor will the wanton destruction of property, as there is no empirical evidence supporting the existence of catharsis. Send your memory card to Sony and they will fix your save. The data on your save file can be adjusted to reset the factors that cause the bug to happen see Theories below.

Sony assures that none of the other data on your card will be affected, and they will return it to you in business days. Not too bad. Though, it will probably take less time to replay the game.

See section 4. Just say No As with sexually transmitted diseases, the only way to prevent the bug from infesting your game, is abstinence. It appears that the bug is caused by changing the event in the Coliseum during normal play, prior to going on the Under-Port mission, and replaying the Metal-Headmash game. However, not everyone seems to be affected by the glitch. So, if you choose not to abstain, always make a back-up of your save. Sony also states that this method is the only way to be sure the bug will not affect you and highly recommends keeping a back-up save if you do replay the stadium events.

To explain in more detail At some point during the game, Jak will be required to complete a challenge in the Coliseum. Later, another story event will take place in the Coliseum. These events can be replayed as mini-games after completing them during the story. However, the Coliseum will be setup for the first challenge when you return.

In order to select the event in which you wish to participate, you must access the "Stadium Computer. One such panel is located in an alcove to the right of the Coliseum at the north edge of the city map. Note that you cannot do this if there is an alert as the hologram changes to a short red haze, nor is the option even available until at least one stadium challenge has been completed in the story. However, changing the stadium layout starts an unlabeled mission for the event selected.

Any mission icons on your small map will be replaced with a race flag icon that leads into the coliseum.Debugging refers to playing a game with the aim of making sure everything works properly in it, and finding and fixing any problems that may arise before the game is made publicly available. Until now. The debug mode on Jak 2 for PlayStation 4 is pretty simple and straightforward. It will only take you about 5 minutes to actually platinum the game.

Follow these easy steps for a quick and easy platinum. The only extra equipment you will need is a second controller. At this moment you will now enter the following code:. Once you enter the second code just start a new game and create a save file and then skip the first cut scene by pressing. Then hold down. Once all the story related trophies pop you will need to pause the game again using the right side of the touch pad.

You will then get your second controller and hold. Dawn of Man Review. Release date: March 1, Bee Simulator Review. December 27, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review.

December 14, Avicii Invector Review. What is a debug mode? At this moment you will now enter the following code: HOLD then press Once you enter the second code just start a new game and create a save file and then skip the first cut scene by pressing.

Have your say! You May Also Like.These pages give the locations of every single Precursor Orb found floating in the levels of Jak II: Renegadewith the menu maps and in-game screenshots to help guide you to them. Use the list below, or the provided videos with the one one, to get help for the level you need.

Unlike with Jak 3, it often isn't immediately obvious whether or not you can return to a level after you're done with it, especially the one-shot levels like Mar's Tomb and the Under Port. The list below will detail how to return to them for missed Orbs after you've finished the story, or are in the middle of it. To keep things short, the Metal Head Nest is the only level you can't return to for missed Orbs. Last Edited: 19 Sep pm. If you're wanting to start the game using the Level Select to access all of the Orbs, this won't actually work.

If you pick a level after the "Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform" mission, Orbs 3 and 4 will be inaccessible, because you never destroyed two path-blocking walls with the turret, and will be unable to do so again.

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Rated "T". Developer Naughty Dog Software. Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment. Release Date October 14, Table of Contents.This article catalogs bugs in the Jak and Daxter series. Note that there is a difference between a software bugwhich is reliably replicable, and a glitchwhich is often not.

Additionally, this page is only used to describe notable bugs. Bugs such as those where the player can travel outside the game area's bounds are common and should not be described here unless they are used to achieve a bigger bug. The game will crash once taken too far away. In Misty Island, you can take the boat back to Sandover Village with the zoomer, and can explore some parts without freezing. A bug may occur when trying to beat the record time of 45 seconds in the Dead Man's Gorge race : If you fail the race then talk to the Gamblerthe race clock will set to To reduce the risk of this happening, it is safer to avoid talking to the Gambler if you do not beat the record time.

Note that this bug is not guaranteed to be able to be replicated. On the far left of the Precursor Basin entrance there is an edge of land closest to reach. Perform a roll jump, and when landing, jump at the same time to do a high jump in order to travel up the Basin entrance's pitch. After you land, quickly do a double jump onto the edge of land so you do not slide back down. After you are on the edge, there is a game wall.

To go over the wall, do a high jump and spin kick on the green ledge above. There is another green ledge above that — do another high jump to get there.

Walk over to the Precursor structure and do a double jump and spin kick while being near to the structure.

jak 2 orb glitch ps4

You will go over the barrier and walk in the Precursor Basin. You can pass the flaming boulder that leads to Klawwwithout lifting it, by going around the cliff and out of bounds. First, you'll have to go to the small island left of the lost Precursor city entrance.

Jump to the highest part and do a long jump on the left corner onto the rock. On the left, double jump and swim to the small area between the cliffs where the lurker shark can't get you. After that, do the fast swimming trick to the right and near the cliff.

If done fast enough, the lurker shark will disappear before it eats you. Swim around the cliff and inside them. You'll see the dark abyss on the right, and water on the left. Don't cross the border, or you'll fall. Swim under the land, then jump to the green edge. Keep jumping on the green edges and rocks until you pass the flaming boulder.