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Dragon disciple pathfinder kingmaker build

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Store Page. Global Achievements. Saereth View Profile View Posts. Or is magus the way to do that? Any how any advice is welcome indeed on this. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. Last edited by prototype00 ; 17 Dec, pm. So magus sounds like the way to go with that. Whats its level lay out?

I can't seem to find it any where. Level layout? Oh, you mean the Level by level progression? I mean I planned this one out by myself, really.

Not quite what I meant, when your creating a character or leveling them up for that matter, you have the option to see what there getting as they level up, what feats becoming avaible etc. You don't get that for classes like the arcane trickster or Dragon disciple.

Just wandering if thats posted some where. Ah, when you level into DD, you can see the whole progression. Ichaerus View Profile View Posts.Regarding the COV virus and its effects: Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary.

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PF:KM; Draconic Eldritch Scion/Dragon Disciple Build

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I'm cunnrently playing a Kingmaker campaign, run by a friend and I was wondering if the Dragon Disciple prestige class is any good? For the record, the campaign has been quite combat intense so far we are about halfway through book 2 and the player of our wizard is getting tired of playing a caster. I was considering rolling a sorcerer and heading deep into the Dragon Disciple, since the character would be 6th level I was thinking 2 levels of sorcerer and 4 of DD.

Could you advice me if this sort of a character would be usefull as a combat caster? Ferrus Animus 42 Validated User. DD requires 5 ranks of knowledge, meaning you can enter the class at level 6 at the earliest.

DD still is a PrC which has its main utility for melee combatants. The delayed casting in addition to the slower sorcerer progression take quite a bit from the caster side. If you want to replace a wizard as a caster this wont be enough. The dragon bloodline is decidedly mediocre and only useful when you go for being a blaster, in which the DD doesn't really help.

But it's always a cool concept.With this build Regongar will become a force to be reckoned with as a melee combatant, equivalent of a Battlemageby using a combination of weapons and spells. With 16 levels in Magus and 4 levels in Dragon Disciple, Regongar will get these Feats and abilities automatically:. The last point can go into STR to decrease Encumbrance further, as he will be wearing Heavy Armor by the end of the game.

Dragon Disciple

Persuasion is also a natural choice, due to the high amount of Charisma Regongar has. Next to normal Feats, Regongar receives Magus Arcana Abilities that can modify his weapon in many ways. It is up to you which Magus Arcana Abilities you want to use, just make sure you take later on in the game at least one Metamagic to increase damage done by melee touch spells, since they are all low level. Using Metamagic, we can make melee touch spells more dangerous, and there will be more in total at your disposal thanks to it.

Besides the melee touch spells, other damaging spells especially electric ones should be chosen because you can cast spells that require 1 standard action, and still do a melee attack in one round thanks to Spell Combat. Regongar should use all 3 types of armor, starting with Light Armor. No matter if you level Regongar as Magus only, or multiclass with Dragon Disciple, he plays much the same way.

Dragon Disciple

Afterwards activate Arcane Weapon Enchantment, elemental damage bonus, and any other weapon ability that would work in that specific situation. Achieving high Attack Bonus with Regongar is not an issue. Spell Combat lets you use spells and melee attacks in the same round, while Spellstrike lets you you attack twice at once if a melee touch spell has been cast. Cast spells and put Regongar in melee range. He should be alright, especially later on when Arcane Heavy Armor feat has been obtained.

And of course, let us not forget that Regongar can turn into a dragon as well. Dragons are powerful and have a Breath Weapon attack on their own. Pretty much born with gamepad in my hands and been gaming ever since. Love for RPGs started with Fallout 1 and 2. Free time is used for more gaming, training, watching MMA, soccer, movies and moaning about today's world and the stuff that kids do these days.

What do they do besides phones and CoD anyway? Hey there. Tristian is my main healer. Magus Class is very fun to play. Magus is a powerful melee combatant.Bards are the best support Class in Pathfinder Kingmaker, making them very valuable in every party setup. Linzi is never going to be the best damage dealer, but what she lacks in DPS, she makes up for in support. Bards are all about singing those helpful tunes. All other levels go into Bard where we get some amazing Songs and Spells. Charisma is the most important attribute for a Bard because it gives them additional Spells per day, and it increases spell DC difficulty so all additional attribute points should be put there.

We want as many spells as possible to be able to sustain support for more fights without the need for resting. Linzi has Knowledge and Lore boosts thanks to the Bard Knowledge feat. Choose 5 Skills from this list and stick with them. Choose 5 Skills that are boosted initially and focus those. Although Linzi is primarily support, she can dish out some damage with a Bow thanks to some feats and abilities, and that is what we are going to focus the most when choosing feats.

Spell Focus is important for Enchantment and Conjuration Summoner for Linzi so make sure you have corresponding feat. Although Deadly Aim can add a decent amount of damage, Linzi can struggle a lot to hit with it even with all the buffs. When fighting enemies with high AC switch Deadly Aim off. Other Feats increase the damage enough already so in some cases it is all about hitting the opponent.

With all these Ranged feats and buffing spells like Sense Vitals, Linzi can dish out decent amount of damage. Spell choices revolve mostly around 2 schools, Enchantment or Conjuration, and focusing on only one of these 2 schools is a wise choice since selection is limited.

Enchantment School focuses on controlling enemies and the Conjuration School focuses on summoning monsters and elementals. If you plan on going down the summoning route, the only spells you are interested in apart from those just mentioned are Summon Monsters and Summon Elementals.

They both can be summoned at the same time. Mind Fog is fantastic for destroying enemy Will, making them easy targets for crowd control Enchantment spells. Longbow is our weapon of choice for this build. Light Crossbow is also an option, but the Manyshot Feat does not work with Crossbows so if you plan on focusing Crossbows you should not take Manyshot feat. Linzi is played best from the backline buffing allies, controlling enemies, and summoning creatures to fight for you.

Also if Summoning is your focus it would be wise to summon before the fight since it takes a bit of time to cast these spells. Although Summons are not hard to kill, they keep enemy attention on themselves and do some damage. That is it for Linzi; an effective build that every party would want to have. Thank you for reading and enjoy! Pretty much born with gamepad in my hands and been gaming ever since.

Love for RPGs started with Fallout 1 and 2. Free time is used for more gaming, training, watching MMA, soccer, movies and moaning about today's world and the stuff that kids do these days.

What do they do besides phones and CoD anyway? Great guide, thanks!As some of the most ancient, powerful, and capricious creatures in existence, dragons occasionally enter into trysts with unsuspecting mortals or sire offspring with exceptional individuals.

dragon disciple pathfinder kingmaker build

Likewise, the great power wielded by these creatures has long intrigued wizards and alchemists who have sought various magical methods to infuse their bodies with draconic power. As a result, the blood of dragons runs through the veins of many races.

For some, this heritage manifests as a sorcerous bloodline and a predilection for magic; for others, however, the power of their draconic ancestors becomes an obsession. Spellcasters who embrace their draconic heritage and learn to channel their abilities can become dragon disciples, fearsome warriors who possess not only the repertoire of an accomplished sorcerer but also the ability to unleash the furious power of dragons upon their foes.

As dragon disciples discover the power of their forebears, they can learn to breathe fire, take flight on leathery wings, and—at the pinnacle of their abilities—assume the form of a dragon. Although they are rare, dragon disciples can be found in any land where dragons interact with mortals. Role : With the magic of a spellcasting class at their disposal, dragon disciples can assume the typical role of a magic-user, hampering the movement of the enemy and hurling damage-dealing spells at their opponents.

Alignment : Dragon disciples can be of any alignment, although they tend to be more chaotic than lawful. Those dragon disciples that assume the traits of chromatic dragons, such as bestial white and fearsome red dragons, have a proclivity for evil.

Conversely, those that take after the metallic dragons, such as stoic brass and chivalric gold dragons, are often of good alignments. Spellcasting : Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation. If the character has sorcerer levels, he must have the draconic bloodline. If the character gains levels of sorcerer after taking this class, he must take the draconic bloodline.

Does a wizard or other character that uses a spellbookreceive bonus spells to add to his spellbook when he gains a level in a prestige class that grants an increase to spellcasting? The increase to his spellcasting level does not grant any other benefits, except for spells per day, spells known for spontaneous castersand an increase to his overall caster level. He must spend time and gold to add new spells to his spellbook.

At the indicated levels, a dragon disciple gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class he belonged to before adding the prestige class. He does not, however, gain other benefits a character of that class would have gained, except for additional spells per day, spells known if he is a spontaneous spellcasterand an increased effective level of spellcasting. If a character had more than one arcane spellcasting class before becoming a dragon disciple, he must decide to which class he adds the new level for purposes of determining spells per day.

A dragon disciple adds his level to his sorcerer levels when determining the powers gained from his bloodline. If the dragon disciple does not have levels of sorcerer, he instead gains bloodline powers of the draconic bloodline, using his dragon disciple level as his sorcerer level to determine the bonuses gained.

He must choose a dragon type upon gaining his first level in this class and that type must be the same as his sorcerer type.Home Games News Cosplay. This guide shows class tier ranked in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Grenadier - Alchemist archetype. Eldritch Scion - Magus archetype. Sword Saint - Magus archetype. Eldritch Archer - Magus archetype. Ranger - base class. Sage Sorcerer - Sorcerer archetype.

Sylvan Sorcerer - Sorcerer archetype. Kineticist - base class. Good Classes Alchemist - base class. Sacred Huntmaster - Inquisitor archetype. Scaled Fist - monk archetype. Freebooter - Ranger archetype. Sorcerer - base class. Dragon Disciple - advance class. Deliverer - Slayer archetype.

dragon disciple pathfinder kingmaker build

Basic Classes Swordlord - advanced class. Invulnerable Rager - Barbarian archetype. Mad Dog - barbarian archetype. Bard - base class.In both cases the stat point at Level 4 will go to Charisma. Possibly the FCB into skills as well the more I play the more I want to contribute outside of combat.

First feat would be Power Attack. My concern with my build above is AC. How can I make it any good? Is the Arcane Armour training tree very useful?

AC can be sorted by purely taking defensive spells e. You don't need 12 Int, 10 will do and put the 12 on dex, improves your reflex save too. Human may be better than half-elf, e.

The other big question is how long you intend to stick with DD. Or you could pop into Eldritch Knight for full BAB and a bonus feat at the cost of a level of casting ouch!

dragon disciple pathfinder kingmaker build

My taking is a bit different Pure sorceror 5 cross blooded and 1 eldrich heritage feat. Human dual talent for top str, cha, con. Draconic has to be one main, the other 2 crossblood, heritage can be : 1 abyssal for str 2 fey for a companion 3 infernal pit for con 4 elemental for some more elemental trade 5 umbral for hide in plain sight.

Use spells like altered elemental dazing scorching ray while fight with claw-claw-bite. Why take barbarian and loae 2 more casting level? I think I want to stick to Sorcerer as my spontaneous arcane prereq. Neither is Crossblooded or the Eldritch Heritage feats. People seem to prefer Barbarian over Paladin - is that still the case if I will take Sorcerer levels instead of Bard. If you know that you'll be facing one race a significant amount this can leap far ahead of the other classes i.

AC - The Arcane Armour training feat tree is quite nice, but it synergies best with the Celestial armours which are not core either. But as a dragon disciple you are unlikely to use Quickened Spell or any other Swift Action spell, they are not core for quite some time so I think I would recommend this path.

Celestial Armor actually is in the Core Rulebook. Skyler Malik Dec 14,am Arcane armor training and mastery are great combined with a mithral full plate, only using the core book of course. You wont have to many uses for swift actions aside from arcane strike which is also core. You won't be using arcane strike really if you're casting spells in a round. Advice Search Thread.

Search this Thread:. Choices, choices Draconic has to be one main, the other 2 crossblood, heritage can be : 1 abyssal for str 2 fey for a companion 3 infernal pit for con 4 elemental for some more elemental trade 5 umbral for hide in plain sight Use spells like altered elemental dazing scorching ray while fight with claw-claw-bite. Magical Knack will prevent the loss of up to 2 CL which is pretty critical for builds like this.

Note: Traits aren't part of the Core rules, are they? Lessah wrote:. Arcane armor training and mastery are great combined with a mithral full plate, only using the core book of course. If you can start at lvl 5, you might as well just go Bloodrager.

dragon disciple pathfinder kingmaker build

Taenia wrote:. Gisher wrote:. Imbicatus wrote:. Recent threads in Advice.