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Bmw e90 thermostat problem

bmw e90 thermostat problem

Hi Guyz, I have a BMW e90 i 06 and my problem is that every morning now for 2 weeks my overheating symbol comes up on the dash. Its only when i first start the car in the morning, once the thermostat opens the car is fine all day, till the next morning. I have replaced the thermostat with a OEM bmw parts flushed the coolant and still have the same problem. So i then got my temp gauge up through the hidden menu and with a laser temp tester i checked the temp in the morning when the car was telling me that it was overheating, but when i checked the temps on the motor.

So then i changed the coolant temp sensor on the front on the engine and bleed the system again and they same problem. I'm guessing now its something electrical. Has anybody come a crossed a problem like this? Thank you in advance! Hi Yes, thats the one i replaced. Where is the other one? Thanks for the reply. Also that temp senor is after the thermostat and its at its coldest. How long the engine running before you have overheating signal warning?

BMW Thermostat Replacement

Does it show overheat as soon as you turn on the engine? Hi Alika, it doesn't show overheating straight away, once the engine is on. I then start the car and idle is for 5 mins, then i will drive for about 10 mins and the overheating signal comes on the dash. Will get an auto elec to look at it, see what they find.

Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Thanks for the reply AlikaPM How about the item 19 here, see attachment. AlikaAM Is your car automatic or stick shift? AlikaAM How long the engine running before you have overheating signal warning?BMW E90 models utilize an electrically-heated engine thermostat.

BMW E90 87 Thermostat Replacement - E91, E92, E93, E46, E60 -😸

The thermostat is integrated with the thermostat housing; the two are replaced as a unit. The thermostat is mounted to the right side of the engine at the front.

The DME engine control module controls and monitors operation of the thermostat.

BMW Bad Thermostat Symptoms

If a fault occurs a code is stored in the DME, usually with a description of "Map cooling circuit". A fault code can be present yet the vehicle will lack any cooling system issues, such as overheating.

This can be a tough part to change as it is tucked away and behind many components. I like to remove the radiator when I have to replace a thermostat, it adds time to the job, but makes it a lot easier. If you have an all wheel drive E90 or one with active steering, you're going to have to remove the radiator anyway. So I say just go for it and make your life easier no matter which model you own.

Remove engine splash shield. See our tech article on splash shield removal. Drain cooling system. See our tech article on cooling system draining and filling. Remove the radiator. See our tech article on radiator removing. Check out our complete Technical Article Directory for guides to many other procedures. Check out our Basic Maintenance section, which has all the parts you'll need to get your vehicle running its best, including filters, fluids, brakes, spark plugs, lighting, and more for your E90!

First thing you have to do is remove the power steering cooling loop. Remove the fastener at the rubber insulator green arrow. If the rubber insulator spins while you try to remove the fastener, hold it steady with a pair of pliers. Large Image Extra-Large Image. Pull the power steering cooling loop down and out of your way for the remainder of the procedure.Service Engine light came on and took into the shop to evaluate the issue. It's error code P and the staff suggested to replace the thermostat.

Hi there. This means that the thermostat is electronically controlled in your vehicle. Some of the common causes of this code include a loose or corroded connector on the thermostat, coolant leak in the cooling system - make sure that all connections are tight, the thermostat could have failed - stuck open or partially open or there could be a short in the wiring harness between the computer and thermostat.

Need to replace the thermostat. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Tim Charlet Automotive Mechanic. Thank Tim. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful?

Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. My car is kinda low, i drove over a puddle on my way home amd now it's moist under my car mats why? Is that cause it's too low? Car is in Limp Home mode with multiple transmission codes by Manny. Getting a Check Engine code P Coolant leak from the engine area.

Radio "device unavailable" by Abdullah O. How to find and stop cause of engine vibration? Home Questions. Year I don't know.Remember Me? My SES light came on this morning and took the car to the dealer. I've replaced the thermostat is all my other cars with no problem. Is this BMW any different than an e36? I can't find an DIY on the project. Any help would be great! I need to pick the car up in a hour and need to know if I should just leave it there.

If it's like any other thermostat change I know I can do it. Last edited by forrealb50; at PM. Appreciate 0. Also, do the e90's thermostats designed to fail open.

Am I okay to drive the car until I get the parts? The thermostat on the E9x is electric, not mechanical like on your E Stuck open is not a big deal other than your heater taking a long time to get warm The Bentley Manual has a diy The install is actually probably easier than on the E36 since its not mounted to the block.

Originally Posted by raceyBMW. Okay cool. I wanted to make sure there wasn't some speacial tool or computer I had to use to do the job right. Enlisted Member. It's easiest to do it from the bottom of the car too, a flexable 6mm driver will come in handy. As stated above make sure you look up the bleeding procedure, it is different and very specific, make sure you follow it exactly or you may run into problems. Originally Posted by deathsightx.

I'm having the same problem with my car.

bmw e90 thermostat problem

I've been resetting the SES light hoping the thermostat will work itself back into shape it's on again this week. It's right next to the water pump and the steering rack and sway bar is in the way.

I don't see how you could get to it from the top; it's a from-the-bottom procedure. Good luck, let us know how it goes. The coolant flush is easy. Originally Posted by volkswackin. I followed the DIY for the coolant change. Got it all finished in 3 hours. I also ran the bleed cycle 3 times. I love the way BMW designed bleeding the coolant system. That's what the code reads "2EF4 map thermostat, mechanics Error".

I guess there is no way to just replace the heater. Can it ever be a just dirty connector? All times are GMT There are two scenarios for failing thermostats:. Appearance : Seepage, drips or large coolant bleed marks on or around the mounting surface or on the housing.

Solution : In case of a recently installed new thermostat: carefully remove, check and re-install the thermostat. Strictly follow the torque specifications.

bmw e90 thermostat problem

When sealant is prescribed, clean the rims of the part and the mounting surface and apply new sealant evenly along the edge of the part. If the leakage is not the consequence of an improperly installed new thermostat, the thermostat must be replaced immediately. Cause : Contaminated coolant, non-compatible coolant or mixing coolants of different chemistries. Another possible cause may be a defective pressure cap causing air bubbles, accelerating the rust process.

Solution : Replace the thermostat. Inspect the pressure cap and replace if defective. Appearance : Deposits, sludge and scale build up on the inside, clogging the thermostat and hampering proper functioning of its individual components. Appearance : Map-controlled thermostats are a growing trend in OE. They have an electric heating resistor integrated into their wax element.

Electrical heating of the wax element is triggered when the engine is exposed to specific load conditions and the engine management system anticipates an increase in waste heat. Solution : Check the plug for damage or corrosion and replace if defective. If this does not solve the problem, check the fault codes of the engine management system.

Also check the thermostat for the traditional failure patterns mentioned previously and replace where necessary. Cookie disclaimer This website uses cookies to bring you the best visitor experience. Read our Cookie Statement to know more about the cookies we use. If you continue browsing on our websites, you consent to the use of these cookies. What are you looking for? Catalogue Make Model. Home Problem diagnosis Cooling System Thermostat failure signs. There are two scenarios for failing thermostats: If the thermostat becomes stuck in the open positionthere is continuous flow of coolant into the radiator causing the engine to run cold.

Overcooled engines run inefficientlywhich leads to increased fuel consumption and higher emission levels and engine parts enduring more wear. In addition, the car interior will not heat up properly. If the thermostat becomes stuck in the closed positionthe circulation of the coolant is blocked so the coolant cannot get to the radiator to be cooled which causes the engine to overheat. As not every case of thermostat ageing is clearly evident in the form of an obvious failure pattern, Gates recommends to service it preventively.

The following signs indicate that a thermostat needs to be replaced:. Print this article. Please accept our cookies.I bought this for my N62 Engine, but my oil temperature goes not above 80C. Is this correct? Before I had C. Your email address will not be published. What is wrong with that simple part in BMW??

It looks like a well made thermostat and lasts for a while. Obviously nothing wrong with thermostat quality, in fact its a very good quality part made by BEHR.

bmw e90 thermostat problem

So here is the thing. So here is what it is, Nothing crazy here- just a heater, so DME can heat it up and open it earlier than thermostat is calibrated. Lets say it can open it at 95C versus C mechanical specs. So imagine in the city your cooling system is under serious pressure. Compare it to Toyota 1. Exploded, cracked coolant tanks, hoses, gaskets and other cooling system parts. Your engine runs at C will raise oil temperatures to up o C which is a lot, though they say synthetic oils can easily withstand it.

That's why you can get 5 year old V8 BMW for "cheap". Try to drive your car in the morning when cold and compare it to traffic city driving when hot.

If you Have turbocharged engine you will notice a huge difference, because high temps will affect inter cooler cooling as well. High running temps can affect cylinder walls cooling unevenly, causing piston rings to lose flexibility and therefore its function, they also call it frozen piston rings loss of compression, high oil consumption. Even 82C is somewhat high, but still okay. You can ask e31 owners about their experience and how often they replace chain rail guides and compare it to all other running C tstat in all other BMW models except E31 of course.

My e31 with M60 running 85C tstat had original cooling system, when i bought it in ! All parts were original coolant tank, tstat, water pump, hosesit had infamous NIKASIL problem cylinder walls cororodedbut other things were in perfect shape after 20 years and kmls! If everything is good and no leaks i recommend replacing: thermostat, heater valve, radiator cap. With this 90C thermostat you can easily install 1,4 BAR cap from diesel engines, because pressure is reduced due to reduced boiling point, which is a good idea, since you do not need to build high pressure anymore, though with 90C thermostat it will rarely get to that point even with stock cap.How do you tell if your BMW has a bad thermostat?

Thermostats fail in one of two ways; they either fail stuck open or fail stuck closed. When they fail in a closed fashion its usually easy to tell because your car will likely experience severe overheating problems with the temperature needle buried in the red.

This is the most dangerous type of failure because an overheating engine can cause major damage, including head gasket failure and cracks in radiators and cooling system components.

In more severe cases, head bolts can strip the weak threads in the aluminum block of an M54 model engine. If the thermostat fails stuck open however, it can be less obvious and can go unnoticed for a long period of time. The downside of this is loss of fuel economy, and the engine to run rich for a longer period of time which can result in more unnecessary wear. Most people notice their car is taking too long to warm up once the weather starts to turn cold.

Fall and now Winter has set in here in Connecticut, and we noticed our X5 was taking forever to get to operating temp. It is even more noticeable to us in particular, because we also have an E39 i with the exact same 3.

The E39 warms up very fast, and the X5 was taking forever — so we knew something was up. I decided to do a test to see just how long each car was taking to warm up to operating temps from a cold start. I define operating temp loosely: where the water or temperature gauge needle is centered on the meter. We took each car out on the same day, one right after the other so that the operating conditions and outside temps were the same.

I took each car on the same route so driving conditions were also an unchanged variable. It turns out that the E39 reached operating temperature within about 7. The X5 did not warm up fully even after 20 minutes of driving, so we know for sure that the thermostat is bad. Driving on a bad thermostat like this allows the computer to run the engine on a fuel map that is too rich. This map is intended to be run only at start up and for a few minutes until the car reaches operating temperature, at which point the ECU will modify or switch maps to run more lean and less fuel.

That results in more fuel economy and more power overall. Excess carbon buildup on internal components and maintenance items such as spark plugs can result.